TQON [pronounced tee-kwon and derived from Take Quadrant On] opened for business in August 2020. TQON management and team members have a well-established reputation for providing expert recruitment services to the hospitality and events sector in London since 2014. The name may be new but our passion is even greater as London takes its first steps to recovery from the impacts of the Covid19 global pandemic.

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My team and I will be true and committed business partners. We too want to re-open this great city of ours to visitors and let them once again enjoy our world class hospitality. We are all in this together and together we will succeed.

Adam VickersFounder and Managing Director TQON

Why choose TQON?

London’s recovery requires everyone to rebuild. Effective B2B relationships and the ability to respond at short notice will be key.

Need to hire staff?

The TQON team specialises in recruiting for jobs in many of the most prestigious hotels, event venues, restaurants and bars in London.

Looking for a job?

Our aim is to assist you to find the right job. A job that suits your experience, is enjoyable and allows you to shine.